After School Club at Lucas Vale

The after school club for Ashmead children is currently provided in partnership with Lucas Vale Primary School at Lucas Vale until 6pm daily. Children who are registered for the club will be taken by walking bus from Ashmead to Lucas Vale by Ashmead staff at 3.30pm.

Parents can collect children from the Tanners Hill entrance at Lucas Vale, buzz any time from 4pm – 6pm. 

Places should be booked and paid for in advance via Ashmead Parentmail. As with our in house Breakfast Club, places MUST be booked at least 24 hours in advance or the booking will not be accepted. 

Places are limited so to avoid overbooking and limiting places to other children please only book the places you will take up.  In line with our enrichment after school clubs, there are no refunds for ASC at Lucas Vale due to illness or if you choose not to take up a booked place for another reason. This is to ensure staffing costs are still met even with last minute changes and additional administrative costs are not incurred through calculating and applying refunds.   

NB: It is each parents’ responsibility to ensure that Lucas Vale have all medical, dietary or SEND information that the club will need BEFORE their child starts the club. Parents will also need to provide any essential medical equipment to be kept on site at Lucas Vale e.g. asthma pumps or epipens for individual children as the risk of loss transferring these items between two sites is too great. 

Information about your child for the after school club can be emailed to: with a subject line clearly marked ‘After School Club for Ashmead child’ or you can phone Lucas Vale office on 020 8692 4660.