1. Hi, my name is Maria Fernanda Vigoya, my daughter will start to study next year, and I want to know your School, Can you give me please an apoinment? to see the School , thank you very much.
    Tel: 07404850134

  2. I don’t need anything but its Elise from class like 2013 and just wanna say how amazing ashmead actually is and people only sort of realise things like this when there gone so massive thanks to ashmead for leaving me with some of my best memories I have to this day I miss it I can’t believe im in year 11 in September I want ashamed back.

  3. Ashmead was such a great experience. I wish i was able to go back if even just for one day.
    Time really travels too fast…

  4. Hello Everyone at Ashmead,
    Just wanted to thank the staffs, students and specially Former HeadTeacher Mr Collins & his team 2009 set. They lay the solid foundation for my two kids and today my daughter Ese Omamogho graduated from the University with 1st Class (Hon) in Motion Graphics on her Birthday 7/8/2020.
    Congratulations to Ashmead family.

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