Who’s who


Headteacher: Sean O’Flynn

Deputy Headteacher: Jane Bickley

Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion/SENCO : David Fielding

Phase 2 Leader/AHT: Andy McPartland

Phase 1 Leader: Emma Dodsworth

EYFS Phase Leader: Danielle Sanniti

For Governors, see here.

Class Teachers Support staff
Nursery Rhea Harris Susi Michael
Reception D Danielle Sanniti Sophia Wells
Reception R Ruth Keeble Georgia Mason
Year 1E Emma Dodsworth Marie-Eugenie Bolo
Year 1A Aisling Deasy Kayleigh Koen
Year 2 Nicole Cox  Rehana Rahman
Year 3 Jodie Farrar Florence Petgrave
Year 4 Maria Wilson & Hazel Piggott  (job share)
Year 5 Susi Almond & Isabella Warren (job share) Penny Andrews & Negi Lleshi
Year 6J Jack Molyneux Rachel Sharpe
Year 6L Leo Wallace

Other teaching assistants’ time is allocated to children in more than one class. These are: Penny Andrews, Karen Campbell, Rachel Sharpe, Ellie Wright and Joy Valizadeh.

Intervention teacher Chris Chambers
PE Rachel Azra
Music tutors:

Whole class drumming – Yr6

Rosie Land

Lauren Baker

Philosophy teacher Joseph Tyler

Office Staff

School Business Manager Liz Blakemore & Lou Rhodes
Administration Assistants Sam Blane & Carmela Deckker

Lunchtime Staff

Cook Nana Akua Kwakye
Midday Supervisors Rehana Rahman

Sharon Bolton

France-Mary Des Djimasse

Anwar Tajni

Premises Team

Premises Manager Kristina Wallace
Cleaners Sharon Bolton, Ashlie Urquhart, Negi Lleshi

Inclusion Service (Lewisham)

Educational Psychologist Frances Morgan
Drumbeat Liaison Anne Sheppee
Communication Team Kremena Lee
Occupational Therapist Diana Pierags
Speech and Language Therapist Anja Primbs



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