These are the policies which have been published electronically. Paper copies available on request.

Admissions Procedure

Asset Management Policy

Behaviour Principles

Behaviour for Learning Policy

Business Continuity Plan

Capabilities Procedure (Lewisham)

Charging and Remissions Policy

Child Protection Policy

Complaints Procedure

ECT Policy

Equalities Objectives July 2021-24

Disciplinary Policy (Lewisham)

Financial Management Policy

First Aid Policy

Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme

Governors’ Allowances Policy

Grievance Policy (Lewisham)

Health And Safety Policy

Home Learning Policy

Home School Agreement

Lettings Policy

Managing Medications

Mobile phone policy

NQT Induction

Nursery Admissions Policy

Prevent Policy

Privacy Notice (Lewisham)

RSE Policy – 2023

School Records Management Policy

SEND Information Report 2021-22

Single Equality Policy

Social Media Principles

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Whistleblowing Policy

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