Children’s Mental Health Week 2023.

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Last week was Children’s mental health week across the country.

We hosted some special assemblies in which we discussed what mental health is, how our mental health is linked to our physical health and strategies for promoting positive mental health.

We discussed the poem ‘Together’ written by Matt Goodfellow and investigated ways we can connect and support each other. We also read the story Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival.

The children came up with a wonderful idea to write and share postcards with each other during lunchtimes in the hope that these small acts of kindness would have a great impact on a member of our school community.

One of my personal favourites was a note written to a Year 2 child which simply said “Thank you for always being you and for never giving up on yourself.”

Thank you to all of our wonderful Ashmead children for engaging with our work last week and for making our school such a wonderful place to be.