Y3 Oak trip to British Museum

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We had a brilliant trip to the British Museum today, learning all about Ancient Greek Myths!

It was our first trip on public transport together since the pandemic hit and we were so excited to go on our adventure.

We made sure we were on our best behaviour whilst we represented our school.

Here we are on the underground.

After a train and a tube, we finally made it to the British Museum still in high spirits!

Next, we wandered around some rooms containing Ancient Greek artefacts. We were able to see many of the different pots that we have been learning about at school.

Then it was time for a quick bite before heading off to a presentation. We learnt how to look for visual clues to spot famous Greek gods and goddesses painted on pots. We now know how to find Herakles, Athena, Medusa and a cyclops in Ancient Greek artwork.

Finally, we headed for more Ancient Greek artefacts and put what we had learned into practise. We were able to spot many of the gods and goddesses ourselves! We also had a bit of fun designing our own mythical creature based on some of the artwork that we found.

Finally, it was time to head back to school. But not before one last photo op!

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