Michael Rosen visit

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The children had a fantastic time today – thank you Michael! We had a HUGE book sale and signing at the end of the day. Families bought £1400 of books. It’s great to think about  how many more books are in children’s homes tonight because of Michael’s visit.

Thanks also to Speaking of Books for organizing the visit.

img_20180306_1537158881889572197007662.jpgimg_20180306_1554414004841564561082626.jpgMichael RosenMichael Rosen-31Michael Rosen-39Michael Rosen-33Michael Rosen-30Michael Rosen-35Michael Rosen-38Michael Rosen-36Michael Rosen-34Michael Rosen-37Michael Rosen-29Michael Rosen-27Michael Rosen-28Michael Rosen-26Michael Rosen-25Michael Rosen-14Michael Rosen-22Michael Rosen-23Michael Rosen-16Michael Rosen-24Michael Rosen-17Michael Rosen-15Michael Rosen-18Michael Rosen-19Michael Rosen-20Michael Rosen-21Michael Rosen-13Michael Rosen-12Michael Rosen-11Michael Rosen-10Michael Rosen-9Michael Rosen-8Michael Rosen-7Michael Rosen-6Michael Rosen-2Michael Rosen-3Michael Rosen-5Michael Rosen-4

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