Safeguarding Assembly

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I discussed safeguarding again with children in assembly. The children were asked to think about all the ways the school tries to keep children safe. Very quickly, the children came up with lots of examples, including:

  • Fire drills.
  • OPAL work, e.g. on the safe height of tyre piles.
  • Supervising children in school and in the playground.
  • Helping children cross the road safely when going on school trips.d
  • Helping children stay safe in the heat, e.g. reminders about not wearing strappy tops, using suncream on sports day, etc.
  • Helping children stay safe on the Internet (remembering the SMART principles)
  • Making sure children know what to do if they think they or someone else is being bullied. It was lovely to hear the children confidently chant “Tell an adult!” when I asked them what they would do in this situation.

Safeguarding is the most important thing that we do. Keeping children safe online causes schools and parents the most issues as it is such a fast-moving area – and one that, often, children are more confident in than us adults.

Here are some posters we are putting up around the school soon that you may want to share with your child:


Here is the powerpoint of the e-safety talk we gave in March:

Online safety talk for parents – March 17

The NSPCC’s online helpline is 0808 800 5002

The NSPCC’s website is here.

Other useful links are here, here and here.

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