Keeping children safe online

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Keeping children safe online is a growing issue for parents and schools. At last Thursday’s and this Tuesday’s parents’ evening we have some information for you to look at and we are looking to gather your views on what the school can most usefully do to keep your children safe online and get them into good habits when using computers, phones and tablets.
So far, parents have asked for us to:
– Carry on training the children about e-safety.
– Support families with strong messages about children not having devices in their bedrooms overnight.
– Tell ‘scare stories’ about e-safety so children understand what can go wrong.
– Give advice about how to use parental controls on different devices.
If you have other ideas of how we could help you are welcome to note these in tomorrow’s parents’ evening or you can email me (
We will also be running a parents’ workshop on e-safety that we would like someone from each family in Years Five and Six to attend. This will take place on Friday 31st March at 9.00am. Parents from all other year groups are more than welcome to come but we will be targeting parents of our older children as most of our examples of unsafe online behaviour has come from these two year groups.

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