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At Ashmead we have identified 12 key values and we are focusing on two of these every half term. They are: respect, perseverance, kindness, cooperation, reflection, hope, courage, responsibility, empathy, confidence, integrity and freedom.Our vision has grown out of these values:

Our vision is that through excellent teaching and care children leave us knowing they are both loveable and capable.

(You can find out more about our vision here: Vision and Values )

To celebrate our values work we commissioned a short film to show the process of making our banners and children’s reflections on our values.


Thanks to Sarah Pimenta of @mystudio5 and for all the work with the beautiful banners and thanks to Lucia Tambini for making the lovely video.

ASHMEAD DESIGN flattened final


  1. This video about the values at ashmead is fabulous. Having the children explain their meaning came across like they are a reality to the children and the school not just words. Like the children are feeling the values not just reading them! Very impressed 🏆

  2. Agreed, I love this video. The values are so important and really underpin and support the work of the school. They help Ashmead to be more inclusive and supportive and ambitious for every child.

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