1. Further to my tweet, the apple in pic 5 should be “upside down” (perhaps with the stalk removed, but shouldn’t be necessary) before cutting: they stay much more stable then, without much need to hold them in place, so we can keep our fingers very far away from the blade.

    It doesn’t look right to cut fruit like this, but it helps keep much more stable on the board, and then we can keep our fingers at a distance, simply holding it in place from the top or sides, but above where the blade is going.

    (I hope this is helpful, Sean, not intended as anything else but that. We all do it the instinctive way, until a chef shows you how easily it can be done, and how easily our fingers can be chopped off otherwise.)

    1. Thanks very much for the tips Karl. It’s great to have the space to cook and we obviously want it to be as safe as possible. Sean

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