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The governors are parents, teachers and people who live in our wider community.

Their individual profiles are below.

This shows our current register of interests:

Our governing body code of conduct is here: 

Below are photos and brief information about the governors.

Jane Bickley, deputy head, adviser to GB, attends all committees

Jane has been deputy head at Ashmead since January 2011. Prior to that she was an advisor for the Local Authority working in schools across Lewisham Borough and has taught in Lewisham for almost 20 years.

“Since joining Ashmead as Deputy Head in January 2011 I have been privileged to be part of the Governing Body in an ‘advisory’ role. This enables me to have an input to the governance of the school as well as day-to-day and strategic impact. I attend all the governing body committees. I am proud to be part of a hard-working and dedicated team of governors who are passionate about ensuring that our children and families receive the very best from their time at Ashmead.”


Sean O’Flynn, headteacher, attends all committees

Sean has been the headteacher at Ashmead since September 2011. Prior to that he was the deputy head of a school in Tower Hamlets where he attended all governing body meetings.

 “As the headteacher I want to provide the governing body with the information it needs – for example, our analysis of key performance data – so that they are able to challenge and support us to help provide an excellent education for all of Ashmead’s children.”


Dean Johnstone, co-opted governor, Chair of Governors, member of CFC Committee

Dean is Senior Manager at Place2Be, the leading charity for mental health support for school children. Dean works with partners to deliver mental health training across the children’s sector. Previously Dean worked in Leadership Development at Teach First and was a former Chair of Governors at a primary school in Leeds.  Dean is the link governor for those children who are eligible for the “Pupil Premium”, additional money from central government for children from families with the least financially.  Dean joined the governing body in January 2014.

“My motivation is aimed at ensuring all children succeed, especially those who face additional barriers to learning”


Richard Smith, associate Governor, Resources Committee

Richard has been on the governing body at Ashmead for many years, and was the previous chair of governors and a community governor which means he was appointed by other governors to provide an external view and an independent perspective on the school. He is now an associate governor and continues to give his time and experience to Ashmead Governing Body.

“I became a governor at Ashmead to ensure every local child got a fair chance and the best education we can give – in all its ways – and that remains my ambition for Ashmead. The most important job for any governor is appointing the head teacher and I am immensely pleased to see Sean’s success since his appointment. Perhaps second to that has been the success of our new building. It seemed optimistic when governors first suggested to Lewisham that the solution to a leaking roof was a new building, but after many years of pressure and hard work we eventually got the fantastic building we now have.”


Chris Dearmer – Community Governor and Vice Chair of the Governing Body

Chris joined the governing body of Ashmead in 2019, and serves as vice-chair. Chris has been teaching in London for ten years, and is currently Director of Music at Alleyn’s School in Dulwich. In this role, Chris oversees all the academic and co-curricular workings of the department, and is additionally a sixth-form tutor. He works with pupils, colleagues, senior leaders, and governors to support other areas of school life including marketing and admissions, as well as various partnership and outreach programmes.

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Hacer Ozmindek – Community Governor and member of the Resources Committee

Hacer joined the governing body of Ashmead in 2019, and sits on the Resources committee and as a financial professional for over 20 years she feels she can contribute to the committee in a highly effective way.

“I have over 20 years banking experience and also as a people manager. I am committed and enthusiastic for the school to strive for excellence and have a great impact on every student so they can achieve over and above”.

Nicole Cox was elected teacher governor in December 2018

I have been teaching for 7 years but I’m still learning every day and that desire to keep learning is what made me want to join the Governing Body. I am very proud to work at Ashmead and want the absolute best for our children and our community. 

Joy Valizadeh was elected as a staff governor in January 2018.

Hi  I’m Joy Valizadeh and for over 20 years I’ve worked in various support and HLTA roles in SE London primary schools.  At present I am one of the HLTAs at Ashmead with my main focus being pastoral care, children’s well being has always been my priority and is central to my practice. I am also the school’s in-house coach for the ‘ParentGym’ classes.
Although my children are now grown up, I do have grandchildren in primary school, so feel that gives me an insight into what parents are presently getting from the education system. 

As a member of the support staff  was co-opted onto the governing body. I find the whole process of how the governing body works, and the skills they bring to the school, fascinating.  Although I think primarily my role is to give the viewpoint of the support staff, I also believe I’m there as the children’s advocate (as I’m sure all governors do)​.​

Ejike Agubor – Parent Governor elected October 2021

As parent to two children at Ashmead, Ejike had been an active member of the school’s vibrant community even before he became a parent governor in late 2021. Ejike has a strong affinity with and experience in the education sector having worked at and with schools for almost a decade. Closely working with hundreds of senior leaders, teachers, students and other stakeholders has given Ejike a unique opportunity to use his sales & marketing background to support their growth and success.

Ann Azzopardi – Parent Governor elected February 2022

Ann joined the governing body as parent governor at Ashmead in February 2022.
Outside of her governing duties, Ann is a full time working mum to three children at
Ashmead. Ann has a strong commercial, change & project management background in
analytics consultancy, and procurement but has longed to serve purpose beyond the
corporate world and be part of the local school community
Ann’s interest lie in open, transparent and effective communication and making sure that
the uniqueness of every child is embraced and celebrated at our school

Eibhlin Vardy – Parent Governor elected February 2022

Eibhlin is a practising solicitor at a city law firm and joined the Ashmead Governing Board in February 2022. She aims to improve scrutiny and the transparency of decison-making, and foster communications with parents/guardians during her term.  Eibhlin is conscious of the educational and other challenges that Covid-19 has presented for children, and will do her best to ensure that no Ashmead child is left behind.