A day in the life of Birch Class

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Welcome to Monday in Birch Class!

We start Monday mornings by working on our handwriting.After that, we head down to assembly. The way we transition around the school is exemplary.

After assembly, we head back up to the classroom and get straight on without our maths. Today we are adding 3-digit and 2-digit numbers and deciding if they require an exchange or not. Our working out is getting neater every lesson.

It’s break time next – hooray! After break we have a reading session. Last week we started our first whole class text, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We’re really enjoying it so far.

We then move on to literacy. Our writing is inspired by the class text and we’re working on character descriptions. Today we are describing Edmund.

The morning has flown by and it’s already time for lunch. After lunch it’s time to work on our spellings. Monday is our revision day where we look at a rule we’ve learnt previously and try to recall as much as we can.

Next it’s time for geography and our next lesson on ‘villages, towns and cities’.

After geography it’s PE. We usually spend this session outside but it was a bit slippy today so opted for yoga instead. Finally, it’s story time. We’re currently reading The 26-Storey Treehouse.

Time to grab our things and head home. What a busy day of learning!