Returning to School

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Hi Year One and Year Six!

We are all really looking forward to seeing you soon. It is really exciting to be welcoming you back to school.

I thought it would be useful to explain a little about what school is going to be like. We want it to be as great as usual but there are some differences in how things work that I want to explain. These are all so you will be safe.

Firstly, what is this?

Yes, it’s a bubble!

You are probably going to hear the word ‘bubble’ a lot in the next few weeks!

There are two new sorts of bubbles at school. They are not so much fun as the one in the photo but they’re both really important.

Firstly, each group of children and staff will be one sort of bubble. It is important that each group only mixes with each other and not with other staff or children. This is to keep you safe.

Each of these bubbles or groups will have a separate arrival time at school. Your family will now drop you at the front gate and you will walk straight to your class (we will help).

You need to keep 2 metres away from others as you come in. Kris has painted these lines on the floor for you to help:

The second sort of bubble is one that each person has around them. You might have heard of ‘social distancing’? This is the idea that if we can keep a gap between ourselves and other people we will all be much safer. A good way to remember this is to imagine you have a bubble around you and to try your best not to let people near enough for it to go pop. You need to try your hardest not to pop other people’s bubbles too!

So, once you are in your bubble’s classroom, what will it look like?

Firstly, we have given each bubble a name base on one of the many trees Ashmead has:

We think you’ll get used to these names really quickly. (By the way, Year Six Ash – you are now Aspen)

To help everyone keep in their bubbles we have changed how things look in classes a little. Here are some examples:

To help keep everyone safe we need to make sure that we try not to touch surfaces that other people are touching. This is really hard! So one of the things we are doing to help you manage this is to give each of you a pack with what you need to help you learn. You will need to really look after this:

Something else we are doing to help is to give each bubble of children its own set of playground equipment. You can share this with people in your bubble but not with other children. There is plenty to play with and we will get more if we need to:

Another thing that is really important to keep everyone safe is making sure we all wash our hands frequently – you will do this several times a day. I’m sure you are all experts now but if you want a reminder of how to do this then look at this video:

We also want to make sure that if anyone coughs or sneezes we ‘catch it – kill it – bin it’:

We have a special area in each classroom to help with this:

There are a few changes, yes, but most of what Ashmead is about will stay the same. We are still going to make school somewhere where you can be both happy and safe. We are going to help you learn and help you enjoy learning too! You will probably have lots to tell us about your time away from us and you might have lots of feelings and questions you want to discuss too. We will help you with all of this.

Our lovely Ashmead values remain the same:

And we still have three school rules:

  • Be Ready
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe

We look forward to celebrating you all in behaving brilliantly and I know you will understand how the ‘Be Safe’ rule is even more important than usual right now.

We look forward to seeing you really soon.

Take care and stay safe,


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