Andy and Emmie update

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I wanted to share with parents, carers and children the message I was able to send to staff last night:


Hi all,
     There’s not a huge amount of good news around at the moment so I’m particularly happy to be able to share this with you.
     We had a message from Andy tonight.
     Emmie is now in remission. There are no traces of disease left.
     This wonderful news comes after a gruelling seven weeks in hospital where she has been receiving high doses of chemotherapy. Emmie has had to deal with extremely difficult side effects, including some that caused an 8-day visit to intensive care.
     She still has a chest infection to tackle as well as being able to tolerate feeds again before going home.
     But she will go home.
     When she is ready she will start weekly maintenance chemotherapy treatment for about a year and when they are home the family will need to self-isolate for at least 12 weeks.
     This is a very dark time for the world.
     But dawn follows darkness, hope follows despair and Spring follows Winter.
     Yesterday, Emmie’s first eyelash grew back.
Take care all,
Emmie (1 of 1)-2


  1. This is incredible news! Absolutely amazing. What strength and determination from one so young. That lifts our spirits. All our love and the whole of Ashmead.

  2. So delighted to hear this news Sean. Thanks for sharing it. We have been wondering. Please do pass on our love to Andy and his family. Love Carolyn Mark Ella and Tom x

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