Year Six

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The sudden announcement that schools will close to most children from the end of today has been difficult news for all of us to hear.

It’s been really hard for Year Six children I know as this means that many of the rituals that happen in this year won’t happen, e.g. their end of year production.

These rituals are really important and I know many children in Year Six are upset about the very sudden end to their year. And, of course, this comes on top of an ongoing sadness regarding the situation with Andy.

I spoke to the class today about the candle that we light every year at the end of our leavers’ assembly when we say goodbye to Year Six. It is lit again in the first assembly of the year in September so everyone can remember the children and wish them their best as they start at their new schools.

Today I made a different sort of promise. I promised Year Six that we WILL still have a leavers’ assembly for them.

I can’t promise when it will be I’m afraid and at the moment there is a good chance it might happen after they have started at their new schools.

Nonetheless we will organise this assembly – either through negotiating a time with their new schools or by organising an evening event.

(We also managed to fit in an assembly in class today to celebrate the time children had at school journey and I will try to blog that later on.)

We lit the candle today and celebrated what an amazing group of children Year Six are and said goodbye – but only for now. We will see all of Year Six again at their leavers’ assembly later this year.


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