Good night from school journey

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The children have had a great day and are now all tucked up in bed!

Lots of high level activities happened today which we will try to blog tomorrow – both the mobile signal and the wifi at the centre are pretty unreliable.

I saw the tail end of the Scrapheap Challenge and helped them get to bed. They did this really well and rooms were quiet with all children well on the way to sleep by about 9.45 tonight (it did take a while longer for everyone to actually fall asleep…)

David is visiting tomorrow night and I will go down again on Wednesday and we will blog as many photos as we can along the way.

Y6 school journey-1322Y6 school journey-1336Y6 school journey-1337Y6 school journey-1339Y6 school journey-1341Y6 school journey-1345Y6 school journey-1346Y6 school journey-1347Y6 school journey-1349Y6 school journey-1352Y6 school journey-1364Y6 school journey-1376Y6 school journey-1377Y6 school journey-1384Y6 school journey-1396Y6 school journey-1402Y6 school journey-1403

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