School CLOSED today

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I’m really sorry to let parents and carers know that school is CLOSED to children today. I apologise for the short notice of this closure. I have texted all parents so hopefully the message has got through to all families by now.

The reason for the sudden closure is that there was a very serious break-in at school last night. All classrooms apart from two were broken into as well as the office and the locked cabinets containing iPads and Chromebooks. A number of windows have been crowbarred open and a number of doors have been smashed open and damaged beyond repair. Five of the iMac computers that run the interactive whiteboards have been stolen as well as a number of iPod Touches and teacher laptops.  The police have said not to move or touch anything until their Scene of Crime officers have been in so it is not possible to have children in today. We will do our best to open from tomorrow and are confident at this stage that we should be able to do this.

We will try to update parents later today when we should be able to confirm that we are open tomorrow.

Many thanks to the parents who have offered kind words and actions to staff this morning, including drinks and baked goods! This is very much appreciated.

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