The PTA needs your help

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    Can you spare a couple of hours or a couple of ideas to help Ashmead?
    What does the PTA do?
    The Parent Teachers Association has two main functions:
    •       to raise money for the school (did you know that the tree-top walkway in the playground was funded by the PTA?)
    •       to help create a sense of community in the school – organising events and gatherings to allow parents, teachers and carers to get to know each other
    How do I join the PTA?
    If you’ve reading this, then you’re probably already a part of the PTA – all parents, teachers and carers are automatic members
    What’s involved?
    It’s not all committee meetings and baking cakes! There are some official roles (let us know or see the website below if you want more information) but the majority of people give an hour here and there, helping in hundreds of invaluable ways, such as:
    Making posters, rigging up some lights for an event, suggesting ideas for fundraisers and get-togethers, being DJ/making a soundtrack for an event, wrapping presents for a lucky dip, helping to run a stall at a fundraiser, asking employers/contacts for donations for the big Christmas raffle, making goods (crafts/plants/food) to be sold, moving furniture ahead of a shindig… the list goes on.
    The Ashmead PTA currently has over £10,000 in the bank – please help us decide how best to spend it. We want your ideas and opinions!
    PTA Annual General Meeting: Friday 5th October at 9am.
    All welcome (of course you are, you’re a PTA member!)
    Find us on Facebook: Ashmead PTA

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