Building work alert

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I’m writing to let you know about some building work at the school this summer holiday.

Some work that has already begun and is actually nearly finished is the work to convert our teachers’ work room into a classroom space for the year in order to accommodate the 30 extra children starting in September. This just needs a few finishing touches added and should comfortably be finished by August 24th.

The most significant building work that will start this summer and continue on into the Autumn term is on our roof.

Last winter we had to spend a considerable amount of money on repairs to the roof due to the number of leaks that we were having. These were so extensive that if emergency action hadn’t been taken we were at risk of having to consider school closures. A thorough examination of the issues has led to the conclusion that a complete roof replacement is the only long-term solution.

This is a big piece of work but it should provide the school with a solution for at least the next 20 years. The work will begin next Monday 13thAugust and is due to be concluded by Christmas.

When you return you will see some scaffolding around the building. We are working with the builders to make sure these works are safe whilst having the minimum effect on the school.

This work is entirely separate from the proposal to expand the school. If that proposal were to be approved the work for that would not start until later on in the Autumn term.

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