Courage assembly/safeguarding

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It has been really interesting discussing courage with the children over the last few weeks. Today we thought about the kind of courage we sometimes need to show at school (and elsewhere) when we are being vulnerable about things we don’t know or are unsure of.  This might be in the context of a lesson, e.g. letting the teacher know you are finding it hard to remember a key concept.

In discussing this we reminded ourselves of the importance of trying to show a growth mindset but also that doing this can be difficult – and often requires bravery.

For safeguarding we thought – again! – about e-safety and discussed a recent issue with snapchat where a feature that identifies your location can be turned on or off. Very few children said they had snapchat (about six) and we advised those to either turn this feature off or to have the friends-only option switched on (but to make sure not to accept friend requests from anyone they don’t know).

We then thought about hoaxes, misinformation and scams online. Lots of children had encountered such things as chain-mail posts, flashing adverts and so on. We advised all children to let an adult at home or school know if they see or read anything online that makes them feel worried, uncomfortable or unsafe.

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