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We introduced our new value today – courage.

We started by thinking about our definition: Courage is being scared to do something but doing it anyway.

We then thought about recent scary times and pretty much all the children were aware of recent incidents without these having to be mentioned by us.

We talked about how important it is to be able to talk about when we are scared. It can feel frightening to talk about feeling scared so talking about this can be an act of bravery in itself.

The children then had some time to talk to each other about recent events and we took questions and comments after that.

The questions and comments were very thoughtful and insightful.

We talked about how horrible the incidents were and there was anxiety about them, e.g. does this mean it will happen in Lewisham next? We explained that although these incidents are, indeed, horrible the chances of anything happening to an individual are very, very tiny indeed.

We talked to the children about being careful when finding out about news events, i.e. looking at news with adults at home, not trusting social media as accounts on here can be very misleading.

We finished by thinking about the fact that, even in the midst of the most horrible cruelty, there will always be people being kind and brave.


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