Two-form entry expansion plan

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This letter went out to all parents today:

Dear parents and carers,
Proposal to expand Ashmead to two forms of entry
I’m writing to update you on this. The original ‘informal’ consultation period ended some time ago and Lewisham’s Mayor and Cabinet have met and have approved the plan going forward to the next stage.
This is a four-week formal period of representation which begins today and ends on 3rd March.
I am attaching a letter from Lewisham that explains more as well as the actual proposal to expand. (NB I am also attaching the original letter I sent to parents and carers about this last term as well as the more succinct covering letter. These are for reference only as, of course, they describe the first consultation that has now already happened! However, I thought it would be useful to send these out again as they explain the school’s thinking on this issue clearly. I will also put all relevant documents on the website.)
The online link for the four-week formal consultation is here:
At this stage there are still no further details about the eventual building plan.  However, we are working closely with Lewisham and I am confident
that,should the plan go forward, any eventual contractors will work well with us to come up with the best plan for the school. Should this consultation
lead to the approval of the expansion plan Lewisham anticipate there being detailed plans to share by late Spring.
If you have any questions then please feel free to to discuss them with me or Jane.
Kind regards,
Here are the documents that accompanied this letter:

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