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Lewisham Council have launched a consultation to explore whether Ashmead should expand to become a two-form entry school.

We recognise this is a big decision and we  want to help ensure everyone’s views are heard.

Today we talked to the children about the idea and below is attached a letter from the school for parents & carers which has more information on the background to the consultation – and how to get involved. There is also a letter from Lewisham regarding the consultation.

In our letter we outline how a school expansion could benefit Ashmead:

–        Becoming a bigger school could help us meet budget challenges. It will also mean Ashmead is in a better position to determine its own future if asked to become an Academy

–        Supporting learning by tracking how children are progressing across two classes, leading to better assessment and maintaining standards

–        Using the extra space to offer more activities, such as out-of-hours childcare, drama, cooking, etc.

–        Supporting high standards for children by increasing the opportunity to attract and retain the best teachers

–          Increasing the security of the school site

We also know any proposal to expand the school could bring challenges, which will need to be thought through carefully:

–          Keeping the ‘community feel’ of Ashmead

–          Ensuring quality of play and managing ‘peak’ times such as lunchtime / PE

–          Managing the build safely and minimising disruption

–          Making sure increased numbers of children coming to – and from – school is managed well

Lewisham Council’s initial  consultation period will run from 6th October to 17th November. It is open to any member of the school or local community. In addition, there will be school-based initiatives to help you to share your views so we can be well prepared for expansion should it be approved following the consultation. These are also listed in our letter.

We know this consultation will lead to debate and discussion about Ashmead’s future. It is also likely you will have more questions than we have been able to answer in this initial communication. There will be plenty of opportunities over the next few weeks for you to raise these – and for us all to discuss the best way forward for Ashmead.




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